January 21, 2020 1 minute

I have a gaming PC for two years but couldn’t have time to play a game. So I decided to change my priorities in my life and will try to play more games and read more books this year.

My first plan was to play this game with my daughter, but I realized that it was not a suitable game for kids after I bought it, so I’ll pay attention to use the family filter from now on.

Fortunately, I did not regret it. There are some characters you play in the game. And the painful past of them is creating the story of the game. Especially the imagination of the girl was very shocking for me. I’ll not give you a spoiler, but the story helps you to understand what depression is and how human relations are so crucial for the traumatized people.

This game is first for me in many ways. It’s my first indie game, first story-driven atmospheric game, and the first game that I played with a game controller. If you want to spend a weekend playing a game, I recommend Inmost.