Oceanhorn 2

February 02, 2020 2 minutes

I had trouble understanding the story of the game because I didn’t play the first one. You start to play the game in the middle of the adventure. You have a sword and shield, so you think that the story is in the past, but you also have a kind of motorcycle that has no wheels but can fly. Also, you have a brother in arms named Gen, and it’s a robot. The other friend Trin tells you the story during the game, help you to solve the puzzle.

Warlock Mesmeroth is the primary foe in the game; he is coming back somehow. So the first goal is to convince the knights of the lost realm to be together against him. It’s beneficial to learn of the abilities of your character to solve the puzzles quickly. It can’t jump, can’t swim more than ten seconds, but it can burn somethings and throw them away, can sweep the grass to find heart, coin, or bullet. It can blow up the walls with a bomb. Also, you can give some directions to Trin or Gen to do something that you want.

The maps of the sections are too large, so it may take a while to find a way to pass to the next section. It was the first time that I played a game in a PC quality on the iPad. But the game poorly finished; it is as if the development of the game has been left unfinished. I think the third version of Oceanhorn will come out.