Three Questions to a CTO

September 17, 2021 2 minutes

I’m not a CTO of Radity anymore, but I trust that it will succeed more in the future. One of my old coworkers asked me some questions to understand what I was doing in this position. To remember it later, I wanted to share the questions and my answers here.

What are the most critical three needs and goals of a CTO?

  • To ensure that the IT organization does business uninterruptedly and efficiently.

  • To follow the news about IT and integrate the tools if there’s something new to facilitate its operation.

  • To save the company know-how in safe and up-to-date, and help the new coworkers to adapt to their teams quickly.

In what topic did you have the most problems?

I’m having a problem contacting the correct people. I always have to keep my network up-to-date for that.

What kinds of tasks do you have?

I have to work continuously to reach my goals what I told in the first question. On the other side, I’m always talking with my coworkers to discover their potentials and evaluate them in the correct projects or tasks. I love to share my ideas with them; I listen to their thoughts about my decisions and consider their ideas when I decide on something new that affects the culture and future of the company.