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November 20, 2022 2 minutes

“Hey, Twitter is not like in the good old days, I’m switching to Mastodon.”

No no, I’ll not say this. I already tried that, and I couldn’t succeed. Because I was alone and my friends continued to stay on Twitter. Now, after the latest news about Twitter layoffs, I see a similar migration again, but I don’t think it will be successful either. So the main thing I want is to be a platform-independent content creator; if someone wants to reach me, I want them to visit my website, or if someone has negative thoughts about me… Maybe they can write me an email, or I really don’t care.

I had a plan in mind:

1. Periodically delete unnecessary tweets on Twitter (98% of them are)

I wrote a small application in Python because I didn’t want to allow any third-party software. Feel free to look at the project if needed; the name is meep. When I had time, I filtered and reviewed my tweets by year and keyword. Then, I deleted the unnecessary ones and searched for inspiration to write new blog posts.

2. Create accounts on several alternative social media servers

I will use my website as microblogging and share my posts on multiple social accounts like Mastodon, Cohost, etc.

3. Automate the synchronization in one direction

Using applications such as IFTTT and Zapier, I have automatically shared my new blog posts to social media via RSS.

After that, I don’t care anymore if Twitter shuts down or a Mastodon server crashes. I have the data, and it is always visible on my website. I advise.